Photographer was fab and the pictures are great

Thanks again – the pictures are great.

It’s been great working with you again and hope to do so in the future as we grow as a company.

Thanks again for your great response –  the photographer has been fab!

Janette Beckett- Spring Housing

Very pleased with the quality, it looks great

‘Just to say thank you very much for all your work and patience on our history document.  We are very pleased with the quality, it looks great.’


Jo Watson, North Solihull Partnership, Economic Development & Regeneration

Clever copywriting and inventive PR campaign

‘Through clever copywriting, Word were able to bring one man’s story to life and give real meaning to the way in which our work affects the lives of our customers. This, coupled with an inventive PR campaign meant that Jack’s story captured the imagination of a much wider audience than we had anticipated, raising our organisational profile within the housing sector and beyond.’


Tracy Ironmonger, Communications Manager, whg

Instantly recognisable branding

“We were not sure exactly what we were looking for in terms of branding but Word Association worked closely with us to come up with a choice of options, resulting in a brand that really fitted the brief and which has now become instantly recognisable in Wolverhampton.”


Jayne Cooper, Older Person’s Services Manager, whg

Word Association is always responsive to our needs…..

“The service that the charity receives from Word Association is always responsive to our needs, in line with our vision and values and most importantly underpinned by a genuine interest in the positive work that we do and an enthusiasm to share our story with others. The charity’s community fundraising initiatives have been strengthened by support from Word Association to raise awareness of our fundraising to the communities across the Midlands in which we deliver services to vulnerable adults. In fact one of the employees at Word Association climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds in 2013- you can’t ask for much more that that!”


Anthony McCool, Charity Lead, Trident Reach the People Charity

Communication strategy

“We all felt that the communications strategy was a comprehensive piece of work which gives us a masterplan around which we shape individual initiatives. The exercise has been worthwhile in focusing the trust’s work on services for older people, which gives us a clear position in the market.”
David Hucker, Chairman, Quality of Life Charitable Trust 

Thrive with us event

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the hard work that you put into making our partnering event on Monday such a success – everyone had a great time and I have had really positive feedback about the atmosphere – the speaker and just how professional it all was.
Elspeth Mackenzie, Chief Executive, Thrive Homes

New website training booklet

Thank you to Cathy and Rosie from Word Association, training was fab and we really appreciated the “how to” booklet they made for us to refer back to
Nita Bhuttay, Office Administrator, Lyng Community Association.

Rebrand for MGA

I thought you might like to hear a few comments from the RO’s about the launch of the re-brand at yesterday’s meeting:
‘The new logo looks very good on paper – crisp and modern and you need not fear that I will be negative to our members on this as I think we need the change’
‘This will help us to target the younger group that we need to attract, they will really like it’
‘It will help up to do better what we already do’
‘Our exciting new image’
‘Our lovely new brand’
‘I am very impressed with the new image. When I showed my husband a t-shirt last night he said ‘that looks good, I like the colours and very modern’ – I feel quite excited sitting at my desk this morning!’
The re-branding was universally well received and the team are excited about the opportunities that this gives us both for fundraising and attracting a broader membership.


Ruth Ingledew,  Chief Executive Officer, Myasthenia Gravis Association

We have come a long way thanks to Word Association

Three years ago it was decided that we needed an outside publisher and our tenant editorial panel choose Word Association. At first we were worried that this team of professionals would take over. Since then we have not looked back, our tenants tell us that they can’t wait for Keynotes to fall on the mat, and are eager to see what’s been happening in our district and what’s coming up. Recently the Charted Institute of Housing were doing some research for us and were given a copy of the latest Keynotes, they gave this response  “This newsletter is up there with the best, it is engaging, informative and very well written, it conveys a real sense of partnership working across the district with residents at the heart of everything. Congratulations.”
Sandra Mutton, tenant editorial group member, Stroud District Council

Valuable practical insights

Thank you very much for your guest lecture this Monday. Feedback from students is positive and we very much appreciate that you made time available to share your professional experience and expertise with us. These were extremely valuable practical insights.
Christian Schnee, Senior Lecturer in Public Relations, Worcester University

Professional and very efficient

“As PR companies go, Word Association is far and away the best I’ve dealt with. Whenever I turn to any of the team for help sourcing editorial, no matter how late in the day, they never, ever let me down. The whole team is friendly, professional and very efficient; in fact, it’s about the only PR firm I have 100% faith in not letting me down.”
Max Salsbury 24Housing


“After many hours of management time spent in considering and rejecting hundreds of names, we appointed Word Association to push the project forward. We have been delighted with their contribution and would happily recommend them”
Accapatia Patner Rakesh Songria

Well Done…

“Well done on this first edition. Good length, lots of photos and eminently readable.”
Michael Pearson, Chairman, EMH Group

Helpful & Supportive…

“I always find that staff at Word Association are helpful, offer ideas and support, meet deadlines and produce the end result we are looking for.”
Georgette Wright, Communications Officer, Optima Community Association, Birmingham

Clear Methodology…

“Really strong emphasis on resident involvement. Honest, fresh and personal feel. Innovatively themed design that allowed you to dip in and out. Clear methodology to report section.”
Judges’ feedback on Optima Community Association’s winning annual report, Midlands Network for Resident Involvement

That Extra Mile…

“Word Association was first rate. They went that extra mile for us.”
Richard Grounds, Commercial Director, Festival Housing Group

Highly Regarded…

“Word Association work closely with the board and myself to produce Lyngline, our quarterly residents’ newsletter. They take responsibility for sourcing articles and producing copy for the association’s approval; their contribution has been fundamental to the production of what has now become a highly regarded newsletter.”
Chris Withnall, General Manager, Lyng Community Association

Always Available…

“Word Association’s project plan worked well, they were always available and were willing to make a last minute change to the corporate report after it had gone to print. The quality of the residents report was especially good. It was colourful and modern in look. The charts were eye catching.”
Sharon Nash, Business Support Advisor, Gloucestershire Housing Association

Really Impressive…

“I just thought I’d pass on my congratulations to you for the communications team as I have just read the new edition. It’s clear whg are engaging with our residents and the community in a massive way which is great to see and has been well captured, in addition the quality and style of the magazine is really impressive. Well done all!”
Andy Roper, New Business Manager, whg

Over The Moon…

“I am over the moon with the service Word Association has provided. As well as writing, designing and printing the reports, Word also facilitated sessions with our tenants and senior managers and interviewed our chief executive. We really enjoyed working with the Word team who were always positive, proactive and easy to work with.”
Joanna Fairley, Communications and Governance Manager, Newport City Homes

Quality & Creativity…

“Since joining whg earlier this year Word Association has exceeded my expectations. They have proactively presented a range of design concepts and ideas whose quality and creativity have been not only exciting but bang on message. There has also been a huge improvement in our brand representation through a subtle refresh of the logo and clever use of illustrations. Equally impressive has been the quality of the account management. We are shifting our focus to national and trade PR and thanks to Word have seen extensive coverage in a range of target publications.”
Ian Hill, Head of Communications and Business Improvement, whg

Thank You…

“Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for writing such a wonderful article. It was much appreciated by us and well received neighbours.”
Jennie Tarafdar-Forker, Tenant, Lyng Community Association

Everything Is Starting To Come Together…

Thanks for today and for all your input, you’re making it very easy for us, which is your job I suppose! Have you seen the design Rosie has put together? It’s brilliant, she gets it right every time. What a star! I’m very pleased and I can’t stop looking at it! Everything is starting to come together now and it’s very exciting.”
Anna Hughes, Business Development Director, Supercardiol

Quality and Pride…

“We couldn’t and wouldn’t recommend you unless you delivered the goods, which you do every time with quality and pride. So thank you.”
Janette Beckett, Head of Quality, Marketing and Governance at Reach The People Charity

A Special Community Spirit…

Noddy Holder has given his backing to The Noize newspaper we produce for Beechdale Community Housing Association. He said: “I think The Noize is an excellent idea even more so, as it’s called The Noize! It is a great way of letting the whole community know what is going on in their own area and recreating a special community spirit for everyone living there.”

Noddy Holder


“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU FOR excellent coverage yesterday.. it was great…. WHAT A WAY TO END THE YEAR!!! Excellent!!”
Janette Beckett, Head of Quality, Marketing and Governance at Reach The People Charity

The Website Looks Brilliant…

Thanks very much for bringing this (lyng.org.uk) to my attention, it looks a great website for the community”….and later…..”Thank you for putting our details in. The website looks brilliant.”
Linda Lloyd, GP practice manager

Thank You For Your Hard Work…

“I think the coverage has been different and very good through this campaign (National Housing Federation’s Midlands Rural Housing Week). Thank you for your hard work.”
Sue Haywood, Office Manager for Midlands Rural Housing 

A Whole New Vibrant Concept…

“I wanted to re-brand whg with a fresh, contemporary feel that our customers could relate to. I had a very basic idea of what I was looking for and Word Association were able interpret that brief and bring to life a whole new vibrant concept that works across all of our communication channels.”
Tracy Ironmonger, Communications Manager, whg

They Listen, They Understand & They Deliver…

“There is no doubt that we are reaping the rewards of raising our profile by working with Word Association.  As a relatively new charity, we were in a position where we didn’t really have a clear strategy to raise our profile. Now, from working with Word, a year later we clearly do. As a direct result of the marketing, our homeless service was recently given a £30,000 donation by a Birmingham business; staff morale has improved from seeing Reach represented in the papers and on TV; and staff and customers are eager and keen to publicise the excellent work they do. The work has improved charity income and donations in kind.  Working with Word Association is great…they listen, they understand and they deliver effective solutions.”
Janette Beckett, Head of Governance, Quality & Marketing, Trident Reach the People Charity. 

It Was A Great Success

“Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into organising and running the Future Work Conference on Tuesday.  From my perspective it was a great success.”
Peter Thomson, Director, Wisework Ltd


“Wow.. Just received our corporate brochure and it looks great.. thank you.. “
Janette Beckett, Head of Governance, Quality & Marketing, Reach The People Charity

A Big Improvement…

“Word Association has been involved in designing, writing and publishing our tenants newsletter Keynotes since November 2011. They work well with our tenant Editorial Panel and we have noticed a big improvement in the standard of writing in our articles. As a Council officer, the publication of Keynotes now needs less input from me because I can leave the bulk of the work to the experts. I know that the end result will be professional, relevant to and easy for our customers to read.”
Stuart Strathearn, Housing Officer, Stroud District Council

Clear Strategic Direction…

“Mark, many thanks for your presentation and contribution to Friday’s strategy event. Your session went down really well and generated lots of interesting discussion and debate in the afternoon. As a consequence the Board have given us a clear strategic direction which we will be working on over the next 3-4 months. We also reached some agreement about the key values for Festival using the word cloud , once again many thanks for your contribution.”
Guy Weston, Chief Executive, Festival Housing. Festival’s Stakeholder Engagement Survey.

The Result Is Fantastic…

“Creative Hinckley has been very fortunate to have started a relationship with Word Association. A marketing overview offered by the company led to them stepping into the middle of our marketing project and bringing it to fruition. The result is fantastic, their process and work ethic working with our community interest company has been brilliant.”

John Brightmore, Creative Hinckley Director

A Real Quality Job…

“I hope you don’t mind me emailing you but I would like to offer my congratulations on the excellent book produced by whg about Jack Haddock, your longest serving tenant.  As a retired commercial artist/graphic designer of over fifty years’ experience I would like to think I know a “good job” when I see one, and this book for me is a beauty. Excellent photography, (Jack will be pleased!!) layout, design and typography, a real quality job, congratulations to the graphics team who produced it. I know Jack quite well and while he is playing it down in his usual modest manner, I can tell you he is really very, very pleased to have this publication in his name.  Well done whg for an excellent all round production in honouring a grand old man of Walsall.”
John Griffiths, Walsall Resident

Well done to Word Association…

“No doubt you have seen the Keynotes delivered to homes this week. I think it is a colourful, attractive, well balanced and written copy. Well done to Word Association for getting so much into 16 pages whilst keeping the design interesting. There have been complimentary comments at The Mill.”
Stuart Strathearn Resident Involvement Officer Stroud District Council

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