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We work to inspire change through communication. There’s no doubt that communication can be used to change lives – speeches, literature, journalism, photography and art have all made a difference to our world.

Get inspired by reading our top 20 examples of where communication has changed lives – from a Winston Churchill speech to the works of Shakespeare and Michael Buerk’s film of Ethiopia.


Jesus, Sermon on the Mount

Winston Churchill, “I have nothing to offer but blood, sweat, toil and tears”

John F Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”

Martin Luther King, “I have a dream…”

Nelson Mandela, “I am the first accused”


The Bible


The First Folio, William Shakespeare (1623)

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft (1792

On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin (1859)

John Steinbacks’s Grapes of Wrath


David’s Death of Marat

Bayeux Tapestry

Mona Lisa


Michael Buerk film of Ethiopia

Student at Tiananmen Square


Cathy Come Home (1966)


Man Walks on the Moon (1969)

Naked Napalm Girl (1972)



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